Welcome to version 2.0 of our design

VI demogroup was @ Inercia Demoparty 2004. (held in V.N. Gaia 30th july - 1st august)
We got the 1st place @ the Gamedev Compo and Filami got 1st (tied with KammutierSpulle) on the pro-music compo.
Gamedev compo entry (hosted @ scene.org)
Filami 's pro-music entry (hosted by scene.org)

Minor updates

Public Release of STR 1.5 at the portuguese gamedev comunity.

Implementation of v 2.0 of our web-design.

A pre-release version of out demo called STR 1.5 was presented at KEP2. A final version is expected by the end of january.


A little post_mortem regarding our demo "STR : Industria" is now avaliable. In also includes pictures of the model of the 3rd scene on it's WIP stages.

On the cover CD / DVD of 
EXAME Informatica (Issue 99 - September) you can find our demo "STR: Industria" Go Get it!

We Made our 1st demo and presented it at Inercia Demoparty 2003.
We won the 1st prize at the PC DEMO compo
Not bad for our 1st demo!